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Watch Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Free Full Movie Watch Online

  • Rate: 4.7/10 total 336 votes 
  • Genre: Adventure | Horror | Sci-Fi
  • Release Date: 1969 (Philippines)
  • Runtime: 85 min
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Watch Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Free Full Movie Watch Online

Watch Mad Doctor of Blood Island 1968 Free Full Movie Watch Onlinett0063255.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Movie Free Online
  • Rate: 4.7/10 total 336 votes 
  • Genre: Adventure | Horror | Sci-Fi
  • Release Date: 1969 (Philippines)
  • Runtime: 85 min
  • Filming Location: Philippines
  • Budget: $125,000 (estimated)
  • Stars: John Ashley, Angelique Pettyjohn, Ronald Remy | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Tito Arevalo   
  • Sound Mix: Mono
  • Plot Keyword: Gore | Partially Lost Film | Mad Scientist | Decapitation | Green Blood

Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Reuben Canoy  (as Ruben Canoy)

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Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Free Full Movie Watch Online

Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Known Trivia

  • Angelique Pettyjohn claimed that the love scene with John Ashley was not simulated. In any case, it was edited for television and now the uncut version cannot be found. Please check your attic. Is this interesting? Interesting? YesNo |
  • As a promotional gimmick, packets of green “blood” were distributed to cinema patrons, who were instructed to drink it at a certain point in the film. Is this interesting? Interesting? YesNo |

Tag Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968): Doug Gilford’s Mad Cover Site – The Don Martin Dictionary … WORD: Sound Of: Source of Reference: AAAAGH! EEEEEOOOW ACK! UGH UGH MMP AGH! AEEK: Removal Of A Deep Rooted Tooth: MAD #66, October 1961, Page 20: AAAK AAK Mad Doctor of Blood Island – YouTube Hot Women led by Angelique Pettyjohn meet Blood-Mad Creatures of the Living Dead! The Island of Doctor Moreau – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Island of Doctor Moreau is an 1896 science fiction novel written by H. G. Wells, who called the novel “an exercise in youthful blasphemy”. The text of the novel … The Mad Doctor of Blood Island – Wikipedia, the free … The Mad Doctor of Blood Island is a 1969 Philippines film starring John Ashley, Angelique Pettyjohn and Carlito “Bonoy” Gonzaga. In this film, a man travels to an … Planet of the Apes (1968) – Planet of the Apes: The Sacred … Rod Serling recoginised that the basis of his screenplay had been improved upon by Wilson: “The original script that I wrote, under the agee of Blake Edwards, was … holistic medicine … (aggravated, very bad), anxiety, fatigue (a doctor diagnosed me as suffering from CFS) slurred … Mad Max Date: 03/02/08 08:42 PM … I still have blood sugar … Brides of Blood (1968) – IMDb Directed by Gerardo de Leon, Eddie Romero. With Kent Taylor, Beverly Powers, John Ashley, Eva Darren. Natives of a tropical island have to contend with man-eating … Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) – IMDb Directed by Gerardo de Leon, Eddie Romero. With John Ashley, Angelique Pettyjohn, Ronald Remy, Alicia Alonzo. A man who loves to travel, travels to an island where a … Copy of Mad Doctor of Blood Island – YouTube Hot Women led by Angelique Pettyjohn meet Blood-Mad Creatures of the Living Dead! Brides of Blood – 1000 Misspent Hours Brides of Blood/Brides of Blood Island/Brides of the Beast/Brides of Death/Terror on Blood Island/Orgy of Blood/Island of the Living Horror/Grave Desires (1968) -**½

Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Plot: A man who loves to travel, travels to an island where a mad doctor is creating zombies. |  »

Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Story: A man who loves to travel, travels to an island where a mad doctor is creating zombies.

FullCast & Crew

Produced By: Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Movie Free Online

  • Kane W. Lynn known as executive producer
  • Beverly Miller known as associate producer
  • Eddie Romero known as producer

Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Free Full Movie Watch Online FullCast & Crew:

  • John Ashley known as Dr. Bill Foster
  • Angelique Pettyjohn known as Sheila Willard
  • Ronald Remy known as Dr.Lorca
  • Alicia Alonzo known as Marla
  • Ronaldo Valdez known as Carlos Lopez
  • Tita Muñoz known as Mrs. Lopez
  • Tony Edmunds known as Willard
  • Alfonso Carvajal known as Ramu
  • Bruno Punzalan known as Razak
  • Edward D. Murphy known as Captain (as Edward Murphy)
  • Johnny Long
  • Paquito Salcedo
  • Felisa Salcedo
  • Quiel Mendoza
  • Ricardo Hipólito
  • Cenón González
  • Nadja




Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Free Full Movie Watch Online Production Companies:

  • Hemisphere Pictures

Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Distributors:

  • Hemisphere Pictures (1969) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Astral Films (1970) (Canada) (theatrical)
  • Motion Picture Marketing (MPM) (1979) (USA) (theatrical) (retitled re-release)
  • Horror Time Video (1980) (UK) (VHS)
  • Image Entertainment (2002) (USA) (DVD)
  • Image Entertainment (2004) (USA) (DVD)
  • JTC (1993) (USA) (VHS)
  • Mad Monster Video (????) (USA) (VHS)
  • Magnum Entertainment (????) (USA) (VHS)
  • Parc Video (????) (Ireland) (VHS)
  • Something Weird Video (SWV) (199?) (USA) (VHS)



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  1. ( from Georgia
    23 Feb 2014, 1:25 pm

    Forget all the critics (though much of their criticism is technically ontarget).Watch this film with an open mind and revel in the sheer audaciousness of itall.Gruesome monsters. Trashy, gorgeous heroines. Square jawed men ofaction.Let the bizarre ennui envelope you. Enjoy the sheer inanity of the wholething.I saw this as a teen and was utterly captivated by it and the crude powerremains intact.On location shooting (in the Philippines) and cast of unknowns addsenormously.It’s a wonderful piece of trash film making — a classic of thesort.

  2. roddmatsui
    23 Feb 2014, 1:25 pm

    I had some fine memories of seeing this (heavily edited) on TV when Iwas a kid, so I went and got the DVD…and it's really neat to see thiscompletely uncut. It does deliver the exploitation goods, plus there'sreal characters and real story.

    Surprisingly well-written and well-made. If you like trash cinema, thisis one of the very best, and it was made for almost nothing, butfeatures some very serviceable performances and a nice script–inaddition to the graphic violence, nudity, ritual dances and atmosphere.

    Deep within the jungles of Blood Island–in the interest ofscience–twisted Dr. Lorca has been using chlorophyll to turn some ofhis patients into green-blooded mutations. The worst of theseexperiments has transformed into a horrible, murderous monster barelyrecognizable as human. It's up to civil servant John Ashley to try tosave the local population from this danger. Can he destroy thedangerous experiments of Dr. Lorca?

    "Mad Doctor of Blood Island" was made with total seriousness, somethingvery rare in low budget exploitation. Characters intellectualize anddebate in a civilized way rather than having screaming arguments. Theywander the island depressed, questioning their lives. VERY SELDOM dohorror films approach such thinky territory! And it's all done with astraight face. The entire cast is wonderful… As another reviewersuggested, "Let the bizarre ennui envelop you."

    This movie is definitely not everyone's cup of tea (what movie is?),but if you like good cheap movies, I feel it is worth a look. Thesequel to this one ("Beast of Blood") is entertaining, and theChlorophyll Monster costume looks a lot better, but IMHO it's nowherenear as good as this first one.

  3. dbborroughs from Glen Cove, New York
    23 Feb 2014, 1:25 pm

    Three people come to Blood Island for their own reasons. The beautifulYoung girl is there to find her father. The handsome islander is thereto reunite with his mother. The doctor is there to investigate asupposed out break of a new disease. What they find when they get thereis a monster on the loose that likes to disembowel and dismember(graphically) his victims.

    Sequel to Brides of Blood (and third of the Blood Island films, thefirst being Terror is a Man which only shares the same location) thisis more of the same only up a notch. Its mad doctor on the loose usingscience to create a monster that runs around killing people. Hooray forcrackpot medical degrees.

    What can I say about a movie that begins with the audience being given"the pledge of the green blood" other than see this movie? If you likeold school horror films, or drive-in style movies, this film is foryou. This movie is a blast. It moves along at a good clip, has a greatmonster, some very graphic killings (you will see blood, limbs andintestines) and some topless women. Its the sort of movie they don'tmake any more.

    My only complaint is that some knucklehead thought it would be a goodidea to zoom in and out every time the monster attacks. Its theequivalent to whiplash and really distracts from the early attackscenes. Thankfully the effect isn't done as wildly in the later scenesand you actually can put away your neck brace and enjoy the film.

    A drive-in movie classic.

    7.5 out of 10 (8 for IMDb purposes.

  4. mrthrill from San Francisco Bay Area
    23 Feb 2014, 1:25 pm

    This amazingly atmospheric ,surreal and sleazy drive-in masterpiece isa must-see for all fans of monsters, exotica, John Ashley, madscientists, and cheesecake. I bought it based on its notoriousreputation (and some seductive stills) and was not disappointed. It hassome HG Lewis type gore, lots of gratuitous nudity, beautiful scenery,earnest bad acting, a seriously scary monster, and more. This is BMovie making at its finest, sheer exploitation with no apologies and noholds barred. Even the eerie exotica music score is cool. EddieRomero's Filipino horror films of this era will appeal to all fans of60s/70s Mexican and Spanish horror cinema. They are even as unique,bizarre, and compelling as the Japanese yakuza flicks from SeijunSuzuki of the same era, and much more colorful, entertaining andoriginal than contemporary horror cinema. I also highly recommend"Brides of Blood" (the monster is kinda like a demonic tiki, a relativeof the tree monster Tabanga in "From Hell it Came")and "The BloodDrinkers"m featuring a vampire that is as suave as a James Bond villainand incredible photography. I've heard some genre fans hate thesemovies for being so awful. I was pleasantly stunned at how wrong thesenaysayers were. What a great discovery.

  5. Paul Andrews ( from UK
    23 Feb 2014, 1:25 pm

    A native woman is chased through the jungle on Blood Island by a mutantgreen monster, the result of a failed experiment. When it catches her,it kills her. Three people are sailing toward Blood Island. SheilaWillard (Angelique Pettyjohn) is looking for her father who lives onthe island. Carlos Lopez (Ronaldo Valdez) who was born on the islandand is returning to see his mother after hearing of his father's death.And finally the hero, Dr. Bill Foster (John Ashley) who has been sentfrom the mainland to investigate an incident that happened on this verysame boat where a man was rescued from the sea and killed a member ofthe crew, and when shot had green blood. Upon arrival they are greetedby the Chief, Ramu (Alfonso Carvajal) and his people. Sheila finds herfather (Tony Edmunds) who is a drunk, Carlos finds his old friend Marla(Alicia Alonzo) and his mother (Tita Munoz) at her mansion but shedoesn't want to leave as all she has left is memories and also claimsthere is nothing for her on the mainland. Staying at the mansion withher is the crazy scientist Dr. Lorca (Ronaldo Remy) and his henchmanRazak (Bruno Punzalan). Soon after arriving Sheila is attacked by agreen monster, a native tries to help her only for the monster to killhim instead, Sheila sees her opportunity and escapes. As Fosterinvestigates the island it becomes clear that all is not well. Morepeople are brutally murdered, and Foster discovers that Dr. Lorca hasbeen experimenting on the natives and Carlos's father Don Ramon thathas turned him into a chlorophyll-contaminated, living, walking halfplant half man monster who savagely mutilates anyone in his path! It'sup to Foster to save the day.

    Jointly directed by Eddie Romero and Gerardo de Leon on location in thePhilippines, I thought it was pretty good fun. The script by RuebenCanoy moves along at a fair pace and remains interesting throughout,there is even a couple of nice lines in there, after meeting Foster forthe first time Sheila's father says "he's dealt with wino's more thanyou and he's a shrewd judge of character, I hate him already!".Technically the films nowhere near as bad as I was expecting,photography, music, acting, sets and special effects while notbrilliant, are perfectly acceptable. The monster itself looks decent,except it's cut out eyes so the actor underneath can see, you can seehis eyelids. There is a surprising and pleasing amount of blood andgore, again while not brilliant it is effective. Severed limbs andheads, and mutilated corpses with their intestines hanging out lookgood, there is a bit of animal cruelty in here to, so beware. One thingI really disliked about this film was whenever the monster attacks oris on screen someone made the decision to have the camera constantlyzoom-in zoom-out that becomes very annoying, very quickly. The junglelocations gives the film a nice lush green look to it. It's obviousthat most of the night scenes were filmed in the day and are far toobright considering that we are supposed to be in the middle of a junglewith no natural light except the moon and stars, but the up side tothis is that at least we can actually see whats supposed to behappening. A solid horror exploitation film thats worth a watch atleast. Good fun.

  6. madsagittarian from Toronto, Canada
    23 Feb 2014, 1:25 pm

    Shortly after the Beach Party cycle of films petered out, AIP regularJohnAshley went to the Philippines to produce with Eddie Romero a handful ofexploitation films, of which this is the best known. It is a littledisconcerting to see the arch in his career at this point. All thosebeachparty and hot rod flicks that John did for Mr. Arkoff were admirablyquaint,yet seem like Kubrick compared to the standard production values of thesefilms.

    Reference books all mention how awful these movies are, yet for some theyare so putrid that they create a strange kind of attraction. But thesefilms are nonetheless interesting for their bewildering atmosphere: thesesweaty, tinny opuses seem to be made in the spirit of 40′s B-pictureswithliberal amounts of cheap 60′s gore. This second entry in the "BloodIsland"series (following BRIDES OF BLOOD, which is even worse) concerns theChlorophyll Monster running amok, scaring natives, and putting viewers tosleep. As dreadful as these spate of Filipino exploitation films are,during their proliferation in the 1960′s and 70′s, it was alwaysinterestingto see who popped up in them. This time, Ashley’s co-star is the lovelyAngelique Pettyjohn, whom Trekkies would remember from the "Gamesters ofTriskelion" episode, and who had yet to embark on a career of Triple Xfeatures such as TITILLATION.

    Romero’s monster is so frightening that the height of suspense comes whenthe creature just stands there and stands there for the longest time whenitis cornering somebody. I haven’t seen this deadening rot in over 12years,yet for some reason I am getting a craving to see it all over again. Arewethat fed up with the mainstream, that we masochistically seek out filmsthatwe know are pieces of painfully inept tedium just to escape some piece ofHollywood mediocrity? Is it more important to trudge through the Grade Zmovie universe to find that one moment that actually works or exhibitssomewhisper of technical competence, than to be de-sensitized by any standardcommercial fare where production values are taken for granted? Is itjustsome piece of lost youth we are attempting to regain in these movieexperiences no matter what the price of disappointment? I don’t know,butthanks to the DVD revolution, someone is unearthing these curiouspicturesall over again, as it is well nigh impossible to find this stuff on VHSanymore, and the barrel scrapings of the late show are now lined withinfomercials for mouthy psychics and TimeLife books. At least its sequelBEAST OF BLOOD is marginally better.

  7. Sheep_Dip from United Kingdom
    23 Feb 2014, 1:25 pm

    If you are a Z-grade movie fan then you’ll pleased to hear that this isone gloriously bad film. You get the full works here – paper-machémonster masks, screaming maidens, wooden acting, brief flashes ofnudity, cave walls that are less-than-solid and a surprising dash of1960s gore. However the best part, or worst depending on your point ofview, is the wonderfully stodgy dialogue on display, for example:

    Man: "What a scare you gave me. But then you are a kind of ghostyourself aren’t you". Woman: "What sensitivity".

    Add to this a plot involving chlorophyll (the stuff that makes leavesgreen) poisoning, native rituals and you’ve got yourself a decentB-movie. There are some aspects that will undoubtedly annoy mostpeople, the large number of "padded" scenes for example, but the worsthas to be the bloody annoying manic lens zooming!. Otherwise the filmis fun to watch and will no doubt please most fans of Romero andlow-budget horror fare.

  8. ferbs54 from United States
    23 Feb 2014, 1:25 pm

    I don't suppose any character from the original Blood Island film,"Brides of Blood" (1968), would ever have had the bad sense to stepback onto that radiation-mutated pesthole again, which probablyexplains why, in part 2 of the trilogy, "The Mad Doctor of BloodIsland" (1969), we have all-new characters, and even returning actorJohn Ashley plays a different person. This time, Ashley playspathologist Bill Foster, who comes to Blood Island accompanied byAngelique Pettyjohn (beloved in 1969 by all Trekkers for her turn asthe Triskelion drill thrall Shahna, and soon to be famous forappearances in porn cinema), who is looking for her lost father. Sowhat's shaking on the island now? Howzabout a chlorophyll-mutatedmonster that likes to rip his victims to bits, for starters! This filmhas the same exotic Filipino locales as the first and the samelustfully gyrating native dancers, but ups the ante with more nudity, aslightly more interesting story, nicer scenery, and lots more blood andguts. It also unfortunately features the same egregious day-for-nightphotography, the same lousy dubbing and the same slapdash editing thatwere the hallmarks of the first picture. And yet, the film is so pulpy,the story is so much fun, Ronald Remy is so convincing as the mad Dr.Lorca, and Angelique proves to be such an effective screamer that manytechnical faults can be forgiven. This film has absolutely nothing todo with the first–it is a sequel in name only–but I suppose seeingthese things in order is always a good idea. My beloved "PsychotronicEncyclopedia," which usually has a high tolerance for shlock cinema,deems this film "awful," but I still had fun with it. Anyway, Iguarantee that you will not find a better picture dealing with Filipinochlorophyll mutation anywhere…with the possible exception of part 3of the trilogy, "Beast of Blood" (1970). I for one am sufficientlycurious to find out…

  9. lovecraft231 from United States
    23 Feb 2014, 1:25 pm

    Dr. Bill Foster (a returning John Ashley, now playing a differentcharacter) and Sheila Willard (a really easy on the eyes AngeliquePettyjohn) come to Blood Island, only to discover a new creature is onthe loose. Is Dr. Lorca (Ronald Remy) behind all of this?

    The second entry in the "Blood Island" series, "Mad Doctor of BloodIsland" is also the best. Here, the gore is more plentiful, the nuditymore abundant (Ms. Pettyjohn-thank you,) the monster less goofy (thoughstill goofy-notice the obvious eye hole), and the plot is easier tofollow.

    Sure, the acting is still bad (Ashley still hasn't gotten a grip onthis whole acting thing yet), and the incestuous undertones between amother (whose a real MILF) and son may raise some eyebrows, but thoseare just minor quibbles. "Mad Doctor" feels like what would happen ifH.G. Lewis himself directed an entry in the series. We get intestines,severed limbs, severed heads, decapitations, and mutilated bodies. Fansof old school gore flicks will definitely be satisfied.

    "Mad Doctor of Blood Island" is a blast from beginning to end. Sadly,it's follow ups in "Beast of Blood" and Brain of Blood" weren't nearlyas successful, though "Brain" has it's own "so inept it's good" kind ofcharm.

  10. haildevilman from Tokyo, Japan
    23 Feb 2014, 1:25 pm

    A meatier version of Dr. Moreau.

    John Ashley (R.I.P.) does a great job playing the confused hero. He wasthe eye of the hurricane. Calm while chaos surrounded.

    Angelique Pettyjohn (also R.I.P., and hubba-hubba) was great in herrole as a random bimbo as well. I mean that as a compliment. Were thelove scenes real? Someone find an un-cut version and we'll see.

    The creature effects were so-so, and that whole lumbering look was abit overdone. And the 'zoom-in, zoom-out' camera work got annoying REALfast.

    It was still a good adventure however, even if it wasn't too scary. Andare islander women really that prone to wandering the islandscompletely nude? I liked it, but come on.

    A decent time waster.

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